Contemporary Australian Poets

Author: Brendan Ryan
RRP: 19.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: Dec 2015

‘In a tradition that includes Les Murray and Philip Hodgins, Ryan reminds us of the harshness of much country life … His poetry, with its unflinching portrayal of dairy farming and associated small-town life, is surely essential reading for inner-city cafe habitués.’ —GEOFF PAGE, THE AUSTRALIAN

Author: Chloe Wilson
RRP: 19.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: Sept 2015

‘Chloe Wilson is among the most promising of Australia’s younger poets … Not Fox Nor Axe is a stunning mixture of myth, history and natural history, demonstrating both her ability to find new and intriguing angles on her subjects and her wit and dexterity with language.’ — Ron Pretty

Author: Leila Abdelrazaq
RRP: 24.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: August 2015

‘Leila Abdelrazaq tells a coming of age story that is funny, angry and deeply human … Baddawi is the story of her father’s childhood in a Lebanese refugee camp. It is also the story of hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians.’ — Molly Crabapple, author of Drawing Blood

Author: Ianto Ware
RRP: 24.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: July 2014

Twenty-one classic stages from the history of the Tour de France.

Twenty-one simple truths gleaned from the greatest bicycle race in the world.

Part love letter to the humble bicycle, part history of the Tour de France, Twenty-One Nights in July reveals how cycling transcended mere sport to become a philosophy for the modern age.

Land Before Lines

Editor: Nicholas Walton-Healey
RRP: 69.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: June 2014

‘A superbly crafted undertaking that investigates issues of subjectivity, objectivity and place, and carries a fascinating documentary quality.’ — John Kinsella

Author: Peter Bakowski
RRP: 19.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: March 2014

‘The pleasure of reading Bakowski. The grand themes are all here; not in capitals, but in his captured details of our intimate solitudes.’
— Alex Miller