Author: Andrew Morgan
RRP: 24.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: 2013-04

‘A flawless evocation of the literature machine, a witty remodelling of a crime caper, a perfectly formed entertainment.’ WINNER — MELBOURNE LORD MAYOR’S CREATIVE WRITING AWARDS

Author: Chris Grierson
RRP: 24.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: 2012-11

‘While you live, live in clover. For when you’re dead, you’re dead all over.’ — Squizzy Taylor

In razor-sharp prose touched with poetry Chris Grierson brings the secret world of Squizzy Taylor to life.

Author: Gregory D. Sumner
RRP: 29.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: Nov 2012

‘A wonderful primer to Kurt Vonnegut’s work. Every page brims with analytic insight, biographical revelation, and old-fashioned storytelling.’ — Douglas Brinkley

A passionate and insightful journey through the life and novels of one of the giants of C20th American literature.

Author: Brendan Ryan
RRP: 19.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: August 2012

The tension between rains prises the dirt apart,
crickets scurry.
Some kind of friction rises from within.

Brendan Ryan’s vision of country Australia is no pastoral idyll. A raw, visceral account of rural life that powerfully evokes family, its histories, and the lasting impact of animals and the land in a sobering, resonant style.

Author: Mischa Merz
RRP: 24.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: July 2012

The Sweetest Thing brings the world of women’s boxing to life — a behind-the-scenes journey through the secret history of the women who practice the sweet science.

‘Alive with the charismatic, talented, and intelligent women who populate this world … I was captivated by Merz’s insider’s account of the ringside drama.’— The Age

Author: Patrick Holland
RRP: 19.95 (inc. GST)
Pub. Date: 2012-05

Winner of the Scott Prize

From medieval Europe to outback Queensland, from war-torn Bosnia to China and on to the shores of the Aral Sea, The Source of the Sound traces the journeys of exiles in search of home.

In subtle, understated prose Patrick Holland charts a world of belonging and loss, lingering in its silence to capture the light that penetrates its deepest shadows. Sparse yet evocative, intimate yet powerful, these stories will resonate with readers long after they are finished.