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Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry Anthology — Submissions Closing Soon

Hunter Anthology of Australian Contemporary Feminist Poetry Co-edited by Jessica L Wilkinson and Bonny Cassidy There is no single generation of feminism living in Australia. The editors of this anthology came of age under the slogan, “Girls can do anything!” and studied amongst the poetry of Gig Ryan, Ania Walwicz, Judith Wright and Oodgeroo Noonuccal. Now we […]

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Little is known about the French colony of la Ville de Baudin.

Little is known about the French Tasmanian colony of la Ville de Baudin. Less still about its most mysterious colonist, Henri Maurice Claudet. For the first time, The Diemenois presents the correct and true account of the sensational escape, seclusion, and cruel demise of one of history’s most infamous men. A tale of intrigue, blackmail, […]

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The shape of the curves is what matters and not their origin.

The singular genius of Kurt Vonnegut. I guess this is what they mean by narrative arc:   Unstuck In Time: a journey through Kurt Vonnegut’s life and novels by Gregory D. Sumner is out now. Follow Us:Tweet

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‘Now whoever has courage, and a strong and collected spirit in his breast, let him come forward, lace on the gloves and put up his hands.’

The walls of Gleason’s iconic gym in Brooklyn echo these words of the poet Virgil. Join Mischa Merz on her journey from Melbourne to Gleason’s and all the way to the US Masters Golden Gloves title and, along the way, discover the secret history of women in boxing, in The Sweetest Thing. And, of course, […]

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‘I wondered, what it is that we hear in silence.’ Patrick Holland on The Source of the Sound.

When John Hunter approached me about an Australian edition of this collection, he asked what I meant by calling it The Source of the Sound when the final story was called, instead, ‘The Source of the Silence’. Antonymy is a more intimate relationship than synonymy. Love could still be love without a red, red rose […]

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Tony Birch Makes Miles Franklin Shortlist

Congratulations to Tony Birch who has been shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award for his hauntingly beautiful novel, Blood. Go Tony. We are stoked beyond belief. Anyone who has followed Tony’s career will know just how richly he deserves this acknowledgement of his talent and his work. For those who came in late, now […]

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    We’re an independent Australian publisher with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne. We publish a unique blend of fiction, non-fiction and poetry and specialise in writing that is original and engaged — much of it written by young Australian writers you’ve never heard of, but should have.

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    • Baddawi

      ‘Leila Abdelrazaq tells a coming of age story that is funny, angry and deeply human … Baddawi is the story of her father’s childhood in a Lebanese refugee camp. It is also the story of hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians.’ — Molly Crabapple, author of Drawing Blood

    • Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry

      Australia has a rich history of feminist poetry but there is no one kind of feminist voice.

      Each of the seventy new poems commissioned for this anthology cuts its own path through language. Together, their politics are restless, inextricably tied to the now.

    • Content

      ‘Content lampoons and laments the narcissism that accompanies the supposed information age … Ferney’s poems gun their way through a globalised economy with acronyms, diminutives, and inventive linguistic flares.’Gig Ryan


    • Devious Intimacy

      ‘This is arrestingly incarnated poetry diffused with female luminosity.’— Pam Brown

    • Eurydice Speaks

      Eurydice Speaks is a linked sonnet series echoing voices that emerge from the Underworld. This collection illustrates the evocative, associative and allusive power in the methods of poetry: to know and be known, to feel and be felt, to gather and cohere.